Daming Palace Archaeology Discovery Centre

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Daming Palace Archaeology Discovery Centre

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Working with partners Oxford Archaeology and TEAM Tourism we designed and oversaw the implementation of the Daming Palace Archaeology Discovery Centre. Daming was the principal palace of the Tang dynasty emperors between AD 618 – 907. Today, the Daming Palace National Heritage Park is a World Heritage Site due to its important links with the Silk Road.


The Discovery Centre incorporates displays of valuable archaeological relics; demonstration laboratories in which archaeology is conducted under the public gaze and interactive exhibits explaining about the history of the site; the history of the Silk Road and an explanation of archaeological techniques.

与合作伙伴牛津考古以及天美旅游咨询联合打造了西安大明宫考古探索中心,囊 括了该项目的方案设计、工程质量管理等工作内容。大明宫是公元618—907 年 当时唐朝帝皇的重要宫殿,由于其与丝绸之路的重要联系,西安大明宫成为世界



该探索中心内藏有珍贵的文物考古资料,并设有考古透明实验室向公众演示考古 工作的开展。各种不同层次的互动项目除了介绍西安大明宫历史遗址以及丝绸之 路的历史以外,还会向游客解释在一般考古活动中所用到的考古技术及工具