Falkland Islands Museum


It’s not every day you travel 8,000 miles to attend a site visit for a new museum project, but that is exactly what we had to do at the outset of this, one of the most ‘logistically challenging’ of projects!

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Having returned from our fact-finding mission to the Falkland Islands, we wrote a detailed interpretation plan for two core galleries of the new museum in Port Stanley.


The 1982 gallery focuses on the islanders’ own accounts of the occupation and war that followed the Argentine invasion. The Antarctic Gallery focuses on the Falklands’ strong ties with British Antarctic exploration.


Having submitted a detailed design and interpretation report we then proceeded to oversee the artwork, production, shipping and installation of the two galleries.


Exhibition highlights include a powerful and movingx audio-visual documenting the highs and lows of the 1982 conflict, and some ‘talking photo albums’ that paint a vivid picture of British Antarctic exploration during the 1950s.