Nanjing National Geopark

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Nanjing Fangshan Tanshan National Geopark Museum

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The Fangshan Tangshan National Geopark near the city of Nanjing is a geological and
paleo-archaeological marvel. Not only does it reveal a 700 million year slice of earth’s
geological history, but the discovery of ancient hominid remains in a cave here in the
1950s sparked worldwide speculation about the early origins of mankind.


We produced design concepts for a number of core galleries in this 4-storey, 23,000 square metre new-build museum with our partner Sino-Lord Cultural Engineering Co. Ltd. and led the way with interpretive planning and concept designs for 6 gallery spaces and sculptural features for the main entrance lobby. Our lobby designs were adopted as the main brand identity for the museum and the Geopark.

南京汤山方山国家地质公园是一个拥有着神奇而丰富的地质遗迹景观的国家公 园。它不仅揭示了7 亿多年来地球的地质变迁,保留了生物演化遗迹,还在其洞 穴内发现了南京猿人,这引发了世界范围内关于早期人类起源的各种猜测。


我们与洛德文博装饰工程有限公司共同合作,为这个设计面积多达23,000 平方 米、分为四层的新建地质博物馆提供了多个常设展厅的设计概念、三维模型以及 平面布局图,并主导其中6 个展厅的解读规划大纲、概念设计,以及室内大厅的标志性雕塑。最终,该雕塑被推选成为南京汤山方山地质博物馆和国家地质公园的品牌标识