China 美创设计咨询

Imagemakers in China


Imagemakers is a creative and innovative team of visitor experience and museum planners, designers and consultants working in the natural and cultural

heritage and tourism sectors.




后,美创参与设计了 一系列博物馆、展示馆、游客中心及户外通道等。


2012年,我们成立了北京办事处。我们与中国合肥安达电子(展 陈施工一流团队)拥有良好的设计合作经验。

We were first invited to undertake a Chinese project in Xian in 2009. Since then we have brought our expertise in planning, design creativity and quality control to project right across China.

We also have a prestigious team of associates in

diverse fields such as tourism, architectural design

and archaeology.

在遗产旅游咨询和市场服务方面的专业公司——天美旅游咨询中 国公司,也是我们的重要合作伙伴。

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