Fujian Provincial Science
and Technology Museum

The client brief describes the vision for ‘a

first-class comprehensive science and technology museum.” We helped our partner Sino-Lord Cultural Engineering Co. Ltd win their bid to desgin and fabricate one of the main exhibition halls, entitled Earth Ecology. This hall will contain large-scale displays about sustainable living, global climate change, extreme weather events and the earth’s geological structure.


Our concept designs included ideas for interactive and experiential learning specifically for younger children and a range of kinetic sculptures for lobby areas.

客户希望打造一个国际一流的综合性科技博物馆。在此愿景之下,我们与合作伙 伴洛德文博装饰工程有限公司共同合作参与竞标,最终成功中标其中的一个常设 展厅——地球生态展厅。在这个展厅内,我们采用了大规模的设计元素,揭示生 命与环境、气候、生态之间的密切联系。



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