Yengisar Knife Museum


Yengisar Knife Museum

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region lies in the far west of China. Here for centuries the Uyghur people have crafted some of the finest and most ornate knives in the world. This proud tradition is to be celebrated in a new museum. Our partners Hefei AND Electronics Co. Ltd asked us to help them with design ideas. With such a rich source

of inspiration, it was a joy to work on.

We provided black and white concepts and 3d models for 5 gallery spaces, as well as sculptural features in external courtyards.

新疆维吾尔自治区位于中国西部。几个世纪以来,维吾尔族的人民潜心打造世界 上独一无二的精致的英吉沙小刀。这项传统工艺一直延续到现在,成为维吾尔民 族的珍贵遗产。而今在建的英吉沙小刀博物馆将为我们呈现一场传统精美工艺的 盛宴。我们的合作伙伴——安达创展有限责任公司承接了该项工作,我们为其提 供了独特的设计创意及解决方案,包括了5 个展厅的黑白概念稿、三维模型,以 及户外的标志性雕塑。将赋于特色的传统工艺保留下来,这是一个值得让人为之不懈奋斗的主题。

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